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The hatools provide reliable and easy-to-use locking and timeout mechanisms for shell scripts.

halockrun provides a simple and reliable way to implement a locking in shell scripts. A typical usage for halockrun is to prevent cronjobs to run simultanously. halockrun's implementation makes it very resilient to all kind of stale locks.

hatimerun provides a time-out mechanism that can be used from shell scripts. hatimerun can set multiple actions--signals to be sent--on multiple timeouts.

Download the most recent source distribution of the hatools:

V2.14 - 16. Mar 2010

Added verbose mode to hatimerun and halockrun.
Full changelog

The installation should be very seamless by just doing

make install

You can also find some binary distributions maintained by 3rd parties in the related box.

The hatools are believed to work on all POSIX compliant systems. Successfull tests were conducted on Linux (gcc and intel CC), OSX (gcc), Solaris (gcc), AIX (gcc, xlc) and HP-UX.

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