The ResourcePool provides a generic way to use connection caching for any kind of resources. The package includes classes to deal with DBI and Net::LDAP resources and is easily extensible.

It has also a LoadBalancer class to spread load across different servers and is able to do fail over to increase the overall availability of the service.

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ResourcePool - the core

V1.0106 - 2009-11-25

Improved testing
Full changelog

ResourcePool::Resource::DBI - the DBI bindings

V1.0101 - 2004-05-02

Minor fix for error handling
Full changelog

ResourcePool::Resource::Net::LDAP - the Net::LDAP bindings

V1.0002 - 2003-09-26

Compatibility improvements
Full changelog

ResourcePool::Resource::SOAP::Lite - the SOAP::Lite bindings

V1.0103 - 2011-01-31

Re-added the missing POD Documentation
Full changelog


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