ResourcePool Changelog

V1.0106 - 2009-11-25Download ]
  • Made the timeout in the tests less restritive to avoid false failure in case the test is performad on a loaded machine (Bug #29200).
V1.0104 - 2005-01-06Download ]
  • ResourcePool did use a stringified object as key in a hash reference. This has been replaced by using Tie::RefHash.
V1.0103 - 2003-05-07Download ]
  • Applied a patch from Chad Redman which is basically the same as the patch from Eric Parusel which was partitially applied to 1.0102. This time I applied the patch to the correct CVS branch *argl*.
  • Minor corrections and improvements in documentation.
V1.0102 - 2003-03-27Download ]
  • Two new LoadBalancer policies have been introduced: FailBack is a alias for FallBack, and FailOver which acts like FailBack but does stay on the fall back node.
  • Applied patch from Eric Parusel to fix a problem when debuging LoadBalancer.
V1.0101 - 2003-03-14Download ]
  • An obsolete dependency for the Storable module has been removed.
V1.0100 - 2003-02-27Download ]
  • This release introduces a new way to use ResourcePool and LoadBalancer. It implements the Command design pattern as described in the GOF Design Patterns book. This release is a preview, the features are not yet fully implemented and might therefore not sufficient for you needs right now.
V1.0000 - 2003-01-02Download ]
  • From this release on, the ResourcePool package will not contain resource bindings anymore. The previously included bindings for DBI and Net::LDAP are available in the ResourcePool-Resource-DBI and ResourcePool-Resource-Net-LDAP packages on CPAN.
  • Applied patch from James G Smith which introduced the is_created method to ResourcePool::Singleton. This does not change the behavior of any ResourcePool module.

The changelog for the V0.99 branch can be found here


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