pvswitch Changelog

V1.03 - 2004-09-05Download ]
  • Fixed a bug which could cause segmentation violation.
V1.02 - 2004-07-04Download ]
  • Made the interactive selection much nicer. The default version to be used when just hitting enter is displayed.
  • Added documentation how to control multiple programs by the same setting. This is very useful to switch groups of programs (e.g. gcc, cpp, c++, ...).
V1.01 - 2004-06-24Download ]
  • Implemented handling of special characters in executable names (e.g. c++). Since executable names can include characters which are not allowed in environment names (PVSWITCH_<program>_VERSION) it was previously not possible to use pvswitch for such programs. Now it is possible to configure an environment variable which is different from the actual program name. pvconfig has been adopted so that it uses a safe encoding. So it just works without notice if you use pvconfig to configure c++. See also the pvswitch.conf manpage for details.
  • Majorly improved the config file parsing. The parsing performs more checks and will report in a more convinient manner. Just run pvswitch to perform a check of your config file.
  • Added possibility to tell pvconfig which version reached via the $PATH variable. So the configuration will include the specified version as key and not the term 'default'.
V1.00 - 2004-04-17Download ]
  • First public release


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